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How To Write A Concluding Sentence In An Essay Paragraph

For every paragraph you write, you will be required to have a topic sentence, which serves to introduce or open the paragraph, and a transitional sentence, which serves to conclude or close the paragraph. Learning how to write these will make your essays much better because it will give you the tools you need to successfully transition from one paragraph to the next in any essay you write.

So just how do you write a concluding sentence in an essay paragraph?

Well, your goal is to make the sentence more like a bridge. You want to link the sentence to the topic sentence of the next paragraph. If you are covering three comparisons for two books, and you are trying to transition from the literary tools to the setting, you can write a sentence that informs the reader that you just covered how the two books use different literary tools and now you are going to cover how the two books use setting.

Your goal is to ensure that when someone reads the end of each paragraph, they know exactly where you are heading. They can put down the paper and be able to tell someone else what will be contained, roughly, in your next paragraph. That is the goal of every transitional, or concluding, sentence. To test whether yours are effective, you can have a friend review your essay, pausing at the end of each paragraph, and ask them if they know where you are heading next.

That being said if you are looking for a great topic that you can debate in an argumentative or persuasive essay, look no further. The list below provides a great many potential options that you can use for your upcoming essay. You can pick one aspect to argue, one side in the argument, etc…

  • Affirmative action
  • Censorship
  • Global warming
  • Abortion
  • Death with dignity
  • Don’t ask, don’t tell
  • Animal experimentation
  • Gun control
  • Immigration laws
  • The death penalty
  • Foreign aid
  • A fixed income tax
  • Free drugs and clean needles for addicts
  • Advertising for tobacco
  • Prayer in school
  • Violence on television
  • Sex education
  • Animal rights
  • Selling personal organs for money
  • Televising court decisions
  • School year round
  • School locker searches
  • Drug testing for student athletes
  • Having English as the official American language
  • The minimum drinking age
  • Eliminating ACT or SAT for college
  • Eliminating the standard grading system in school
  • Politically correct greetings
  • Santa Claus and Christmas
  • Women in combat
  • National holiday creation
  • Buying happiness
  • Rap music and the effects on behavior

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