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How to Find a Professional Essay Writer Online

There are plenty of talented writers out there who can write high quality essays fast and easily for you. See, a lot of people are so educated in your topic that a paper such as yours will be quite easy for them. Not that you don’t want to pay them well—the more fairly you pay a writer, the harder they will work on your project—why? Well, picture this—good freelance writers have dozens of high paying projects they could be working on for repeat clients. They will need a good reason to put these aside for a moment and concentrate on your project, right? So give them enough incentive and pay that they will do it right the first time. Also, if you are expecting them to do research for you as well, you will need to tack on extra pay per hour for the hours they will spend at the library researching your project.

Finding Quality Freelance Writers

When searching for freelance writers, you’ll want to create an ad for your project that says exactly what you need. There are many freelancers on these sites, and if you specify you need someone who specializes in business and leadership, you are likely to find someone who has just taken a graduate level course in this or possibly has a doctorate in leadership. So, always mention the course you are taking and what kind of knowledge they’ll need to work on your article. Also include the title you envision for the article “Leadership in Human Resources Management,” for example, will allow freelancers who have specialized in this particular area of business to apply for the job.

Tell Them All About the Assignment

Make sure to keep all assignment sheets, assignment descirptions and any essay formatting rules the teacher handed out during class or made available online—you can the email these to your freelancer once you’ve hired them.

Pay By Assignment or Word

Freelancers charge typically for academics somewhere between three and five cents a word.

Don’t Forget Research Time

And this brings me to a good point. Academic writers typically do not have access to the same databases that you do. They cannot access databases from home that students can. So they are going to have to go to a university library to do research and a university may not be close to them, so you will want to discuss this issue with them.

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