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Top 25 Inspiring Examples Of Exploratory Essay Topics

The following are some of the best essay topics for your exploratory paper. You will find it a lot easier to work on an exploratory paper that can earn you the best marks so far, by starting off with a topic which will attract the attention of the reader. Take a look at some of these and you will have a very good way out:

  1. Discuss how preservation of extinct species is interfered with through DNA research

  2. Who reserves the role to determine what gets cloned and what doesn’t?

  3. Write an essay on your opinion of genetic mapping

  4. Discuss the ethical challenges that are involved in cloning extinct species

  5. Discuss the challenges that are experienced by students who are taking up a course in molecular engineering

  6. Personal labs be banned from genetic engineering. Discuss

  7. Discuss some of the dangers of having individuals partake in their own genetic experiments at home

  8. Discuss the ethical issues that are involved in genetic screening

  9. Digital dating has become a common thing today. Explain whether it is a good idea, highlighting the benefits and the dangers involved

  10. What are some of the culture shock experiences that individuals who are going through digital dating live through

  11. Discuss the types of people who should be encouraged to use the internet for dating

  12. Why is it hard for individuals to meet people with similar interests to welcome into their lives?

  13. What is the difference between dating someone face to face and dating in real life?

  14. Discuss the differences between learning online and learning in a normal class

  15. In order to bring down the cost of learning, should governments subsidize online learning classes?

  16. Describe the difference that users experience when they are reading on tablets and computers as compared to when they are reading normal books

  17. Discuss the threat that e-readers are posing on normal libraries

  18. How does the electronic influence on the educational curriculum make things better for students?

  19. Discuss the benefits of incorporating technology into the learning environment

  20. Explain some changes that have happened in the past decade that have influenced the educational curriculum positively?

  21. Discuss the need for school districts to set a significant investment on technology

  22. What is your perception on following teachers on social media?

  23. From an ethical point of view, is it okay to donate a sperm or an egg?

  24. Should parents be allowed to choose the characteristics of their kids?

  25. Discuss how technology is a danger to the health and society

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