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A Guide To Academic Writing: Choosing an Interesting Topic for Your Essay

One thing that is crucial to how well you perform on any essay is that you pick a topic that interests you. You do not want to pick a topic for which you have really strong feelings about. That would be like trying to sit down to discuss how people should not argue right after having a really big argument. Or going to a funeral after you have already been depressed—it just will not work. Why? You will not be able to achieve any distance from it and you need a fully objective view of the subject matter to write a high quality essay.

First, What Kind of Essay Are You Writing

What topic you write about depends largely upon what type of essay you have been assigned to will largely determine how you go about getting essay topic help.

For example, there are topics that lend themselves to every single type of topic that exists. For example, you might have to write a memorable experience essay, an informative essay, a comparison and contrast essay, a persuasive essay, an argumentative essay, or a reflective essay.

Each essay will have topics that fit within each rubric. For example, comparison and contrast essays lend themselves to topics that are descriptive while memorable experience essays tend to be more personal – but they shouldn’t be – the best memorable experience essays are actually written about experiences no one ever really had, because that way, they can achieve enough emotional objectivity from the situation to make for good writing instead of good venting or without losing all control over the structure and making sure that all necessary components are in the essay that need to be there.

Finding Interesting Topic Ideas for Essays

One of the first places I only recently discovered is Reddit. Lots of students and educators get on this site to discuss all kinds of topics. They frequently begin with “Today I learned,” abbreviated “TIL.”

This website also has a search engine that you could put “Great paper topics” into and see what pops up.

Once you know the type of essay you are going to write, try searching the internet for “student contest awards on argumentative essays” or great comparison and contrast essay topics” to start getting your own ideas. Often, takes just seeing some solid ideas to help you gain confidence in your ideas.

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