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Where To Find Free Well-Written Essays On Bullying In Schools?

One of the most discussed topics nowadays is related to bullying in schools. There are many cases where students start to dislike schools because they were bullied and it has been linked to cause psychological damages to the bullied student as well. However, this situation has been the same for years and it has no signs of stopping. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why academics are interested in this subject and have written many essays on it.

If you are also interested in writing essays regarded to bullying in schools, then you would need some examples to give you some inspiration. This is a guide to help you find well-written examples related to bullying in schools.

Online Forums

As this is a massive topic, people enjoy discussing it. You can always find well-written work on online forums. However, this may require a bit of research beforehand and it will take some time.

Usually, works posted on online forums are related to a person’s experience, so they are compelling, informative and worth having an analysis. Always be critical of what others say though, as you have to evalutate whether a piece of work is good or not. If you are in doubt, you can post questions on the forum to clarify the issue as well.

Blog Posts

Althought credible blog posts are usually extremely well-written and are on par with essays, you have to be wary that there may be some dodgy posts that could cloud your perspective on the bullying issue. Good posts are usually written like an essay and you can always use it as a reference.

However, you have to ensure that you are reading a blog managed by a professional on the topic. Otherwise the work may not be reliable.


Usually the best essays are kept in the archives of your school or university. Check whether you have access to the resource. As a student, you should have full access to these works.

If you do not have direct access to the essays, then you can always request for an exception. Obviously, if you have a genuine reason, the school’s management staff should not reject you.

Social Network

This might be a slimmer chance, but if you post your question on any social media platform, then your contacts could provide you with access to a well-written essay on bullying in schools. If you have a good network with scholars or people pursuing higher education, then you have a good chance on that.

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