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Outline the paper, so that the reader knows what each paragraph or group of paragraphs will cover. Highlight the paragraphs.

Thesis paragraph

Thesis paragraph, has to outline the paper to the reader, so make sure it is solid. Things that need covered in the thesis.


The body is where all the information will be covered. Use appropriate material for the essay.

How To Compose A-Grade Essay

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Composing an essay is like putting together a puzzle. Each part has a place to be, and everything is connected. Miss one thing and the puzzle is not finished properly.


When whoever is having the essay done gives you the subject, it is up to figure out what to write. Look over the subject and find the topic you want to write on. Look to see that you can get enough information to write it. In College or a University, a good rule of thumb is one reference for every 100-150 words. Then take your idea to the person issuing the essay, and get it approved.


The next step is to start researching the essay, and take notes. Use one notepad to store your notes, and one notepad to store your bibliography. All of your references must be noted as per the style that you are writing in. They are all going to want; author, title, publisher, page number, date of publication. Some styles may want more, and the way the bibliography is written may be different for some styles. Keep a style guide for that style at hand.


Do an outline; this is for you to follow. The outline must tell what you are writing, and what each paragraph or group of paragraphs is about. Make sure that the outline will allow you to create a cohesive paper. Make sure you have enough room to do both an informative Thesis and Conclusion.

A few more advice

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    Your essay should be cohesive. Each paragraph has to reflect in some way on the next.

  • essay prompts

    Introduction: This part has to tell the reader what the paper is about, and what you plan to cover.

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    Highlight the paper: Remind the reader what the paper is about with a quick highlight.

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