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5 Golden Rules Of Writing Academic Essays In Sociology

Though every writer will be unique in his or her voice and style, essay writing isn’t really something where you want to allow yourself complete and total freedom, especially when it comes to writing an academic assignment in a subject like sociology. There are some rules you should absolutely follow when writing an academic essay. Here are the top 5 golden rules of sociology writing:

Rule #1) Know the Correct Citation Format

First off, know the correct citation format. In sociology, you should be using APA style. If you are unfamiliar then you need to pick up a guide or find information online. Consistency is very important so don’t take guesses about how you make citations or format your assignment.

Rule #2) Know your Audience’s Expectations

You should always keep your audience in mind as you make preparations for and write your assignment. What we mean by this is that you need to provide the right amount of information so that your audience understands the point you are trying to make. Use direct and clear language; any confusing sentence constructions or word choices can greatly detract from the reading experience.

Rule #3) Always Create an Essay Outline

It’s significantly easier to write an essay when you have an outline detailing your discussion points and supporting evidence. Whether you create an outline with complete sentence or an outline with short phrases is really just a matter of preference. Do whatever works best for you. Just make sure you keep the outline next to you as you begin to write the first draft.

Rule #4) Revise, Edit and Proofread

Never – again NEVER – submit a sociology essay that hasn’t been thoroughly revised, edited and proofread. Don’t rush through any of these steps; they are essential to the writing process and can mean all the difference between a good grade and an excellent one. Do each one separately and be sure you check for all of the common mistakes made by students. It might help to have someone else read your work just to get a second set of eyes on your words.

Rule #5) Ensure Your Citations are Correct

Finally, you should never take your work lightly. Your argument, no matter what position you make on whatever topic, should always be backed by credible resources. This information should be verifiable by anyone who decides to read your work, which is why you need include correct citations so that the original source information can be easily found.

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