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How Do You Write A Critical Analysis Essay: A Quick Guide

This kind of essay is easy to write if you know how to do it. There are usually two steps in evaluating a piece of work, whether it’s a book, a play, a painting or other literature. You need to be writing about critical reading as well as critical writing.

Critical Reading

The first step is to consider the overall work. You need to read and probably reread the text you’re studying to get very familiar with it. It’s important to do this before starting to write your analysis essay, so that you can work faster. Also, this guide will help you to have direction in the format for you analysis essay. Use the points below for your critical reading:

  • Outline the purpose and thesis of the author of the work
  • Identify the main ideas and structure
  • Use other resources such as an encyclopedia to understand things that are unfamiliar to you
  • Make a summary of the entire piece

Critical Writing

This part is where you answer and analyze the purposes of the text in your own words. When writing this essay, you need to think about each question below:

  • Discuss by what means the author has achieved the purpose of this work
  • Find evidence of the author’s purpose with logical reasoning
  • Has the material been presented accurately and in order?
  • Analyze how the readers emotions are affected by the information in the piece

There are some other things you should remember when doing this analysis. While doing your research and following the guide points above, remember that good essays not only inform the reader about something, but they show the worth, beauty and value of the text you’ve been studying. Think about this review like providing an interpretation, helping the reader to understand the essence of the literature you’re analyzing, its meaning and your opinions of it.

Invite detail, controversy, quoted passages, and justification surrounding the work. Does it appeal to a specific audience or demographic? Does the style do the information justice? Do you think it would have been better written another way? Highlight the parts that are done exceptionally well and that serve to elevate the meaning behind the words. When considering these kinds of things, always go back to read the original work so that you’re drawing from it instead of just your notes that were taken in the first read-through.

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