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Top Ten Essay Topics On World History For College Students

Writing an essay is inevitable part of college life. You will have to submit quite a few writings to your professors and they will grade you on the basis of what you have written. Now a college life can also be kind of busy. You may find the process of sifting through information just for selecting a topic a very mundane affair. There are many different topics you can choose for specially if you wish to peruse history. World history is one of the most intriguing and broadest section on which you can base your essay.

Here are ten topics on world history on which you can write your essay:

  1. The Egyptian civilization. The progress of ancient Egyptian people and how that progress was possible.
  2. The medieval marriage laws during the middle ages. You will have to highlight the culture and way people lived during that time.
  3. A paper on the various empires and their politics during the middle ages. You will have to write about the various leaders and their campaigns during this era. How they expanded their empires and other achievements.
  4. The Mongol empire is also an interesting topic. You can write a research paper on their conquests and what other incidents occur during their reign.
  5. If you wish to base your paper on the 19th century then you can write on the Victorian era. It was an interesting age and you will get a lot of materials to explore further.
  6. Another aspect of the 19th century that you can work on would be the industrialization. How the industrial revolution swept the lands during this period.
  7. Bronze Age and how humans learnt to use metal.
  8. During the fourteenth century a plague ravished many of the European and Asian countries. You can base your essay on the plague also known as the Bubonic Plague.
  9. You can write on the 13th century and the condition of Catholic church during that time. It was one of the most turbulent times for Christianity. It was also the time when the Dark Age ended so there will be plenty of notes and information that you can work on.
  10. The Roman Empire is one of the most talked about historical phenomena. Even today it inspires television shows and plays. You can write an essay on any of its heroes or the dynasty as a whole.

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