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Best Persuasive Essay Topics: 27 Controversial Questions

If you’re looking to develop critical thinking in the masses through your study, you have to create writing that would be provocative and interesting enough to capture the attention of your readers. However, it may be difficult to start especially if you have no idea where to begin writing your essay in the first place. Here are poignant examples of controversial questions that can spark the interests of the people and perhaps create a reason for an intelligent debate.

Provocative Questions for a Persuasive Essay

  1. Should sex education be taught in public schools?

  2. Do you agree with same sex marriage?

  3. What is your take on restrictions over web content?

  4. Should abortion be legalized?

  5. Should the church truly have a say in matters pertaining to the government?

  6. Is it time for a change in the Constitution?

  7. Are we ready for a female president?

  8. Are you for or against family planning?

  9. How can we prevent teenage pregnancy in schools?

  10. Is there a way to prevent cheating in tests?

  11. What is your take on affirmative action?

  12. Should the LGBT community have their own public restrooms?

  13. Men vs. Women: Who Is More Capable Of Leading?

  14. Are you for or against the use of contraception?

  15. What do you think of the __________________ administration?

  16. Should the LGBT be penalized for their sexual orientation?

  17. How can domestic violence be prevented?

  18. Should the man be given a maternity leave as soon as the wife gets pregnant?

  19. Are you in favor of capital punishment?

  20. Should we reevaluate the legalization of marijuana? Why?

  21. Is Science starting to play God?

  22. Is there life after death?

  23. Is the budget allocation for public schools enough?

  24. How much Internet should we let the children use?

  25. How safe are the public schools in your area?

  26. Is there really a democracy in this country?

  27. What is your take on global warming? Is it real?


Doing research on any of these 27 questions will definitely give light to certain facets of society and how it works. The main point of prompting arguments through technical writing is to promote critical thinking. Therefore, it is best to not be afraid of causing dispute among the debating parties. What is important is for both sides to be heard and given the chance to express their own hypotheses and statements regarding the issue at hand. This way, your dissertation or term papers will be able to foster open dialog and exchange of ideas.

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