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Useful Tips And Examples For Composing An Impressive Problem Solution Essay

Among the various types of essays that we have in the academia, perhaps the one where you can hook readers the best are the problem solution types. It is here that you propose the solution of a problem that concerns the well-being of the masses. It is not mandatory that you have to come up with a single, fire-proof solution of the problem. You may have made quite a haul if your proposed solution gets enough people interested.

Here are some tips and accompanying examples on the best way to deal with problem solution essays.

  • Tip 1: Identify the problem
  • This is a basis start to all problem solution writing. However, the situation can be a lot trickier if you are handling a complex topic. Even for complex situations, you must find a basic problem that people will identify with.

    Example: The problem of gun abuse is severe in the US at a very large scale. But you must focus on the impact that the problem has on the reader’s child.

  • Tip 2: Describe the issue
  • It is very important that you write at length on the problem, its related causes and the major impacts it has on the society or an entire nation. Mention the magnitude of the problem in your essay.

    Example: If you are writing an essay on global terrorism, you will have to present enough evidence that the problem exists and go on to describe the many ways it is affecting the world.

  • Tip 3: Convince readers on the need for the solution
  • This is important. If the readers are not convinced about the enormity of the problem, they will not be ready to look for its solution anyway. You automatically take upon yourself, the job to convince the readers.

    Example: Taking the global terrorism issue, you will not find a need to convince readers on the need for an immediate and lasting solution. But you will have to do it is the problem is illegal cannabis circulation.

  • Tip 4: Debate why your solution is the best
  • You need to show your readers a few reasons why your solution is the best under the sun. Unless you are able to do this, the reader has every right to question your essay.

    Example: If you were to write an essay on the problem of Indian independence, you could have drawn people to believe why Gandhi’s route of non-violence was the only possible solution.

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