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The Main Characteristics Of A Winning Admission College Essay

There’s so much riding on a successful college admission essay. After all, you’ve been planning your academic life around this big step. Everything you’ve done thus far in your education will be meaningless if you don’t have a winning essay that will get you a seat in the faculty of your choice. Now is the time to seriously buckle down and focus on what needs to go into a spectacular paper that will capture the attention of your admissions committee.

Good Planning

It shows in an admissions paper whether you wrote it the night before or you put some good planning into it. This is an essential step because it’s one of the keys to a successful admission. Getting the work done ahead of time also gives you the opportunity to look over it a few times and polish it up.

A Clear Purpose

What kind of a picture do you want the admissions officer to see when they read your paper? What image of you do you want to portray? Think about having them perceive you as dependable, responsible, teachable, academically minded and considerate. Have you accomplished that?

A Unique Paper that sets you Apart

There will be lots of papers for the officers or committee members to read. Yours should set you apart and be memorable. It should be unique and interesting. Make it more about what you’ve learned than about all your accolades. Officials don’t enjoy reading a paper that’s stuffed full of someone’s ego.

Contribute to the University

Every student at an educational institution either contributes or takes away from the school. One of the things they will be looking for is how you will contribute to the school. Will you be serious about your studies? Will you contribute socially as well as academically? Will you be part of a study group or collaborative research? Will you be athletic? All these things can be part of your admissions essay.

Understand the Essay Prompt

Make sure you both understand and answer the essay prompt. If you avoid the real question, the real issue and instead take them off track in your writing, they will get the impression you don’t like to follow the rules, you are a rebel and you aren’t serious about learning. So read and think about the prompt carefully. Think about answering it in a way that gives the impression you are responsible, independent, a team player and serious about your education.

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