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A List of Outstanding Essay Topics for Frankenstein: 10 Great Suggestions

Mary Shelley anonymously published her masterpiece, Frankenstein, in 1818 in the city of London. The novel is a mix of Romantic and Gothic tools, and one of the first science fiction novels published. You will have to read this thriller at some point in your academic career. Wen you did get the essay assignment, consider one of these ten fresh ideas on an old classic.

10 Great Suggestions

  1. Who is Justine Moritz? What role does she play? And why was she included in the novel? Why is her role so small and so brief?
  2. Discuss the repeated use of ice in the novel, and analysis what it is a symbol for and where it is mentioned in the tale.
  3. Analyze society’s view of the monster known as Frankenstein. Make sure to differentiate between the different classes and gender’s reactions.
  4. Technology, rather scarce when the novel was written, does play a large part in the novel. Discuss the role of technology of the 1800s and what role it plays.
  5. Compare and contrast all the female characters in the novel to all of the male characters in the novel. This will need to include actions, words, and emotions.
  6. Compare and contrast the creature to Victor. Look at words, actions, and emotions of the two.
  7. One of the themes in the novel is being alone as a result of abandonment; explore this them in your essay. Make sure to look closely at all the characters that have been left alone at one point or another.
  8. Discuss what Victor did wrong in his creation, and how things might have progressed differently in today’s modern world.
  9. Take any other character included in the novel, and write an in-depth character analysis on them.
  10. You can trace the plot and explore the major conflicts, themes, setting, symbols, style, or characters. You will not want to pick more than two of these ideas, since it will be too much to try to do all of them.

These ten fresh and full composition ideas will help you when you are assigned a paper. As always, follow the teacher instructions, make sure to read the book, have a great thesis statement, employ a good vocabulary, use a detailed outline, have a works cited, have citations, and proof and edit the work before you submit it to the instructor.

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