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List of Powerful Political Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Students often have to handle cause and effect essay writing in politics class. The process of working on a paper starts with choosing a powerful topic. You should select a process, situation, or event that can be linked to another one and present the causal relationship in a logical way. It’s advisable to select a topic that you’re interested in, so you’ll have a great time describing your ideas.

You should keep in mind that a typical cause and effect paper consists of five paragraphs. The first one introduces the topic and provides your thesis statement. The three body paragraphs contain details related to the connection of the influence and the consequences. Usually, students write three main consequences. The last paragraph should conclude the points presented in the paper and highlight your position.

Once you’ve learned what the essay structure should look like, you can study the following list of great political cause and effect paper topics to get inspired:

  • Why did politicians choose their professions, in your opinion?
  • You can write about a certain politician, his or her educational background, career path, etc. Don’t forget to add supportive examples from biography.

  • How does strong political leadership affect a country’s economy?
  • This paper might examine the issues related to dependence of an economy on political decisions. In case of a strong political leadership, this is for the best.

  • What are the effects of a third-world country of becoming a member of an international organization?
  • Such a decision often has long-term consequences, some of which you can explore in your assignment.

  • What are the main causes for rising energy prices in the Western Europe?
  • Most analysts agree that energy prices have increased because of political reasons. They aren’t economically justified.

  • Why do people decide not to vote?
  • Many people, especially young adults, don’t participate in voting. You can find out why this is so, and what can make them change their minds.

  • Does the United Nations have a significant influence in the world today?
  • In your essay, you can analyze why the United Nations has lost its influence, compared to the middle of the 20th century.

  • Why did the USSR collapse?
  • The USSR was a huge, powerful country but it collapsed in the beginning of the 1990s. Describe the main reasons why this happened.

  • Why do some people have to move to different countries?
  • Your paper might focus on political refugees and the reasons why they were forced to move elsewhere. Provide examples from different countries.

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