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Solid Advice On How To Create A Narrative Illustration Essay

This unique essay style will illustrate a process through the use of conversational tone. The first and the second person can be allowed in this style of composition. Here is some advice on how to get an A+ on the paper.

  • Conversational voice, not slang-while you are more relaxed in the language tone, you are still going to use the appropriate spellings of words. You are also going to avoid slang or curse words in the paper. Pretend you are telling your teacher how to change his tire. Keep the tone and word choice appropriate for the classroom.
  • Writing rules still apply-you still have to spell properly, not use abbreviations, keep out fragments, avoid run-on sentences, and use the necessary punctuation. You must observe all grammar and writing rules, or you will receive a low grade for the composition.
  • Keep it simple-some people make the mistake of picking a complex topic for the subject. You have to keep the explanation simple and entertaining or you will lose your audience. No one wants to read a paper that makes no sense to them. Pretend that your reader has absolutely no idea about the selected subject and thoroughly explain it in an excited and fun way. Keep the paper simple.
  • Define the unusual jargon and terms- I always recommend that the writer include no more than seven unusual words per a two-page paper. Unusual is defined as a word that the average person does not know the definition of prior to reading the composition. This word, if absolutely necessary, has to be defined in the paper by the author. Every time the writer stops the flow of the paper to define a term, the reader is in danger of losing interest in the topic. Keep jargon to a minimum and define any that you use in the paper.
  • Try out the process-if at all possible, read your illustration paper and attempt to try out or do what you are explaining. It is not possible to do this for all topics, but if you can do this it will allow you to see where the paper is weak.

Have fun with the narrative illustration essay. Just keep the voice correct, use all writing rules, keep the paper simple, define all used jargon, and try out the process if at all safely possible.

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