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How To Write An Effective Essay: 7 Mistakes Most Students Make

How exactly do you write an effective essay? Contrary to what you may be thinking, the answers do not lie in some mystical bejeweled cave at the hands of some dissertation guru; the answers are actually pretty simple. Here are 7 common mistakes that are made, so be sure to avoid making them yourself!

  1. Like I said, the answers are actually simple. So, the first error often made is: not giving the assignment enough time. Without a study plan in place, it’s easy to not devote the time that’s needed. The more you plan each step of the way, the better it will be- and, trust me, when it comes to marking, you’re tutor will be able to tell the difference!
  2. It’s crucial that you don’t forget to plan.

  3. The next common oversight is that not enough research is performed prior to the writing. Never underestimate the importance of researching; whatever type of paper you’re working on. Information is the basis of any paper, so you need to remember to not only use your sources wisely and appropriately, but also cite them in the required manner.

  4. Papers are often marked down because small details (like citing) are overlooked. Pay attention to getting the word count correct and double checking spelling and grammar. Remember that presentation matters!

  5. So, you know all the obvious nuts and bolts, but you still don’t know how to make your words really stand out from the crowd, right? It’s a common error to attempt to write in the style of somebody else, thinking that your teacher will be impressed; or to write in a way which is all style and no content. A really good assignment will consist of a clear, reasoned and distinct voice, so be yourself and learn how to hone your writing skills.

  6. Another error much made is this: writing a great paper, but a terrible conclusion or introduction. Indeed, some pupils forget to even include such things! An essay does not compromise of the main chapters alone. It can’t be stressed enough how much you need to pay attention to the introduction and conclusion. Be sure to check other examples to know you’re getting it right!

  7. Many have a habit of going off on vague and irrelevant tangents amongst their main text body. Always make sure that you set out to answer the specific questions raised in your title and introduction; and fulfill the requirements of the type of assignment that’s been given.

  8. Last but not least- get it in on time!

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