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How to Come Up with Winning Narrative Essay Topics - a List of Catchy Ideas

Some people argue that one of the easiest types of essays to write are narrative essays. This is because the writer gets a chance to put him or herself front and centre. A narrative essay is about you the writer telling a personal experience. You become the narrator, the storyteller. Now if that argument, about narrative essays being the easiest to write is true, that doesn't mean that you will write a cracking essay. You still need to get a handle on what will make your narrative essay a winner.

The choice of topic is always relevant and important. The more you have been personally involved in the topic the easier it will be for you to write it and the more likely it will be an absorbing tale. Remember you want your essay to hook the reader.

You must not get carried away with the actual event you are describing. It's so easy to do that because you were personally involved. But you still need to use the basic plan or outline and structure your narrative essay the way you would any other type of essay. And of course having completed the essay you must, repeat must carry out the usual proofreading and editing of your work.

If you're not too sure about how to come up with a winning narrative essay topic or two then doing a bit of brainstorming is a terrific idea. Start with something you did in recent times which you found interesting or exciting or unusual. Then brainstorm that event and add as many new ideas and particularly catchy ones as you can. Remember if the event really appeals to you, chances are you’ll write about it really well. Here is a list of possible narrative essay topics you could write.

  1. What happened when I went back in time?
  2. There is one thing I don’t own I wish I did.
  3. I have a secret that nobody knows.
  4. If I had to run away, this is where I would go.
  5. The most unusual thing I saw was this.
  6. If I could change my appearance, this is what I would change.
  7. If I had to come back as an animal, this is the animal I would choose.
  8. My favourite meal is this.
  9. The thing I hate most in the world is this.
  10. The place I would most like to visit is this.

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