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8 Useful Suggestions On How To Compose An 11th Grade Persuasive Essay

An 11th grade persuasive essay tests learner's ability to plan, analyze and present persuasive ideas. Laying an emphasis on persuasion as a communication skill, 11th graders are tested on ability to organize ideas in writing. These essays are tailored to develop these abilities. Here are 8 suggestions on composing compelling persuasive essays for 11th graders:

  1. Select a suitable topic: Just as selection of a suitable topic is a requirement for any successful writing, the selected topic here determines success since it limits matters to be discussed and from which the writer must chose the side of argument. The essay seeks to persuade readers why the writer took a given position. Thus, a good topic would rather be friendly, interesting to the writer, and more importantly, understandable to him/her. Readers follow the debate carefully, and your expertise in developing thoughts is boosted by an in depth knowledge of the field and matters in question. If the topic is already selected and the matters appear new and difficult, it is important to take time and do an in-depth research and develop a position from the new information gained.

  2. Identify your point of view: Chances are that the essay will be easier and flow easily from introduction to end if you begin by identifying your main argument and what issues you support and oppose. The point of view, which is your main idea, will need to be supported by evidence. Make sure the introductory that contains this statement is interesting and attractive. Presenting each point in one paragraph makes your work more organized.

  3. Incorporate enough evidence: Much evidence is crucial for convincing readers to accept your position.

  4. Incorporate divergent views: One of the central roles of persuasive writing assignments for 11th graders is to test their ability to recognize and give divergent views in relation to a matter. Writers who identify and mention areas of opposition (by other people) in addition to writing their own opinion are likely to develop an essay that is all inclusive and better persuading. In addition, it boosts possibility for inclusion of your reader as they may not be in your support already. Divergent views are presented after presenting the supporting points.

  5. More supporting arguments than opposing arguments? It depends on the selected topic. It is logical to present many supporting points than the opposing views, although it is good enough to remain factual if the latter are more. This is because your audience might still think of an additional opposing view if they do not share a position with you. However, giving more supporting evidence is a case won and in which you do not need to explain, since the number of points for your main idea tell it so.

  6. Argue against opposing views: The main target is to convince the reader that your idea is right in regard to the evidence given. For each paragraph discussing divergent/opposing views, you will need to argue against.

  7. Make a good conclusion: The conclusion restates your main idea and reviews the main supporting points. It is recommended that you be as creative as possible in presenting these ideas in the conclusion, in a way that leaves the audience attached to your main argument.

  8. Stay organized: Organize the essay into introduction, body and conclusion. The body is expounded into two, namely the supporting and opposing view.

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