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Searching For a Free Example of an Analytical Essay

Though analytical essays are not easy to write, they help students improve their writing and analytical skills. Supervisors do not have enough time to tell students everything about these essays, so students search for different kinds of help. One of the best options that they use is an essay sample. However, it is important to find high quality examples. It takes some time to evaluate the sources, so you should search for examples in the right place, such as:

  • Talk to your supervisor and ask him or her to show you good analytical essay samples.
  • Visit your academic writing center and ask an instructor what essay samples you can use, and where you can find information about how to write and format analytical essays.
  • Go to the university library and search for good samples there.
  • Find high ranked writing agencies online, and find collections of different analytical essays that you can use for free.

When working with essay samples, you should keep the following requirements in mind:

  1. In this type of writing, the author’s task is to examine and analyze while explaining a book, poem, event, play, or other works of art.
  2. A good essay should consist of several elements, which are:
    • An introduction that presents an argument:

      This part of the paper tells the readers what work of art will be discussed. You should also define the main idea that is analyzed; make sure that the focus is narrowed.

    • The main paragraphs that provide an analysis:

      This is the place to present and explain an argument. It is important to pay attention to how the text is written, whether the author revealed the main idea of the text, and what stylistic devices were used to attract the readers.

    • A paragraph that holds a personal response:

      A writer should demonstrate a deep understanding of what he or she analyzes, and provide his or her own point of view. It is fine to give a negative response if the writer can prove it by using examples and evidence.

    • A conclusion related to the argument and findings:

      It is better to keep it simple and show the relation between the argument and the work of art that has been analyzed.

If a chosen sample does not meet the requirements provided above, you should search for another one. It is easy to find many examples, but it takes some effort to choose the one that you can use in order to compose a good paper.

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