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Writing A College Level Persuasive Essay: Topics To Consider

Therefore, you are going to convince others to adopt your point of you! The beauty of the persuasive type of essay is that it is almost completely non-confrontational. It is not your opinion as opposed to other people. It is just a one-sided argument, opinion, or point, which YOU are holding. Your job is to make your reader adopt that point of view in light of the evidence you are providing. For your essay to be truly persuasive, your argument should be rock solid. In addition, rock solid arguments are evidence-based. Passion can make a good story but alone it is not going to persuade anyone!

Selecting a topic for your persuasive essay may prove the hardest part of all. After all, there so many things people need to be convinced about. Stay true to your heart. Choose an area that actually interests you. Do not pick up a topic for its academic attraction or glamour. You will convince only if you are yourself convinced. Take it from there.

Here is a list of some topics you might like, or find inspiration from:

  • Marriage is a social contract that has nothing to do with romantic love.
  • The tradition of Letter-writing should be revived.
  • College Students should be at complete liberty to choose their courses.
  • Homework has no place in home; it should be abolished.
  • The cost of a college degree outweighs its benefits.
  • Unemployment is a sign that the system has failed.
  • Poverty is not inevitable.
  • Charity promotes the mindset of begging.
  • The USA needs a third political party.
  • Food is not scarce; markets are.
  • Abortion pills are more dangerous to health than pharmaceuticals admit; these should not be sold over the counter.
  • Education should be completely free on all levels.
  • The rich should be heavily taxed; everyone else should be exempt.
  • Physical Education should be optional in schools.
  • Parents should bear equal responsibility of childcare.
  • Discrimination on any grounds should be punishable with prison time.
  • USA should limit its prison population.
  • International immigrants are not a threat to USA in any way.
  • Divorce should be easier to obtain than it is.
  • Bicycles are a better alternative to cars.
  • Bicycles and public transport should completely replace private cars and motorbikes.
  • Students should evaluate faculty after each term and the results should be posted on campus and online.
  • People are spending more time indoors. Internet facilities should be made available in parks to promote outdoor activity.

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