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Use and Value of Performance Evaluation

The modern world has entered in 21stcentury, which is an era of innovations and inventions. The patterns and behaviors of the people towards life have changed in the modern era as compare to ancient times. Revolution can be seen on the individual level as well as on the corporate level. Organizations have started to adopt those kinds of methodologies in their operations and functions that can add value to it. Organizations are using different parameters in order to ensure performance appraisal. The standard goals and targets are compared with the actual results in the form of performance evaluation.

Many models are in use for the evaluation of performance of an organization along with the value added by different functions and operations in an organization on both micro and macro levels. These are also known as the Value-added models. Value-added models can be used by the organizations in order to measure the impact and influence on the overall outcome of an organization. In this method, the value of the organization before the performance of a specific function or operation can be compared with the value of the organization after the performance of a certain task. Value-added models can be used in the areas like health care, education and economics.

Value-added models are also known as Florida’s value-added model because in Florida, “Florida department of education” use, value-added models in order to measure the contribution of a teacher, performance in school and its impact on student learning. Florida’s value-added models can measure the difference in the overall performance of student on statewide, While comparing the results from one year to the next. The next step of this process of assessment is the identification of factors that can impact the performance of the students and overall outcome, these factors might be student specific, classroom and other specific characteristics. Florida's value-added models can be used for FCAT and Grade 9 Algebra because it is recommended by the Student Growth Implementation Committee in Florida and it has approved by the Commissioner of Education.

Performance appraisal/ performance evaluation increases motivation and satisfaction in an organization. It enhances the sense of accountability and sense of responsibility as people have a realization of their performance being appraised along with the fact that risk and rewards are based on their performance. Performance evaluation is being used as a tool for training and development as people try to overcome the skills they lack if they are rewarded in return. Identification of the weaker areas helps the organization to submit their employees to the right training. Summing up all the performance and appraisal is a proper way of enhancing human resource efficiency and effectiveness.

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