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How To Do My Essay In A Day: Helpful Suggestions

Sometimes, it is easy to forget about something insignificant when you have so many fun things to do. Then, you remember about an essay that is due tomorrow. What can you do in such a situation? First of all, don’t panic! 24 hours is a plenty of time to finish the task. So, relax and follow these simple steps.

  1. Prepare for the work.
  2. It is important to start working on the essay as soon as possible. So, even before you get to the computer, you can do several useful things. Choose a comfortable working place and avoid all distractions. Set up a list of goals and time frames to achieve them.

  3. Choose the topic.
  4. When given several topics for the essay, choose the one you know the best. One day is not enough to learn a whole new topic, even if it seems easier.

  5. Skip the introduction.
  6. The first sentences may seem like the most important parts of your essay. That’s why a lot of students stare at a blank page, waiting for inspiration. You don’t have the time for such silly things. So, skip the introduction and head directly to the body of the essay.

  7. Choose the main points.
  8. Write at least 3 main points that support your thesis. Underneath each one, list all the arguments that support them. Use the key ideas as subtitles for each of the paragraphs, and form the available information into a coherent argument.

  9. Do your research.
  10. Collect the quotes and evidence to support your arguments. Don’t spend too much time in the search engine so you don’t get lost in the sea of information. Pick several books that may be relevant to the chosen topic. Scan them for useful paragraphs and rephrase the main arguments.

  11. Type the body of your essay.
  12. After collecting all the needed materials, there is nothing left but to type it all down. Don’t pay too much attention to the writing style, as you can improve it later.

  13. Write an introduction and conclusion.
  14. After finishing the body of your essay, writing the introduction will be much easier. Introduce the topic, identify the key points, and list your arguments in their support. In the conclusion, reflect upon the problems outlined in the introduction.

  15. Proofread your essay.
  16. A little editing will help you improve the flow of essay and ensure that all of your points are well-argued. Don’t forget to check the grammar, spelling, and formatting!

Please note that writing essays in such a hurry would rarely result in perfect marks. Nevertheless, following these steps will help you complete the task in one day and still leave some time to reflect upon the choices in your life.

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