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What Should I Include In An Essay My Communication Skills?

Both in your days as a student and later in life, developing good communication skills is very important. Therefore, in writing your essay on communication skills, there are certain elements that your tutor would be looking out for. Considering that your tutor already knows that the way a person communicates determines how people look at him or her and also goes a long way to determine the direction the person is headed in life, you should give it your best shot. Here are some things to include in such paper. They are:

  • A Strong Introduction: In your introduction, you will tell your readers about the importance of building good communication skill. You can also go further to let them know about the role good communication has played in your life. It should be a general statement, leaving the full details and specifics for the body and conclusion of your paper.

  • Write On Developing Speaking Skills: This is a very important aspect of communication and in a paragraph, discuss on how developing speaking skills can help improve a person’s ability to effectively communicate. Let your readers know instances when your speaking skills greatly impacted on your personality.

  • Write On Developing Listening Skills: This is yet another very important component of communication that takes up another paragraph of its own. Let your readers know the importance of listening, especially when it comes to taking decisions or being in charge of a group or organization. Touch on class activities, job interviews, seminars and others. Let them know that they can achieve more if they are able to improve on their listening skills.

  • Write On Developing Reading Skills: In yet a new paragraph, discuss reading skills with your target audience. You can give an example of how reading through a given author’s work left you with new knowledge that you would not have gotten if you had not read that author’s piece.

  • Write On Developing Writing Skills: If you cannot write very well, then there is a clause in your communication abilities. You can let your readers know that if they make out time to help others with their writing needs, they would gradually but surely improve on their writing skills.

These are some of the things that should be included in your essay on communication skills. Make sure to provide evidences and facts. This way, your readers would understand and appreciate your work more. Ensure to carry out proper proofreading and editing prior to submission, checking for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and structure errors.

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