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How to Find the Best Illustrative Essay Examples Online?

As with every type of essay it's important that you understand the characteristics before you start your research and writing. An illustrative essay is one which explains and defines a particular topic. It's as if the person reading the essay knows little or nothing about the topic and you come along with your brilliant piece of writing and educate them. Another name for an illustrative essay is an expository essay and sometimes even an explaining essay.

So to make sure that you write a top-quality essay you obviously need to know the inside story of the topic. You are assuming that the reader needs to have the topic explained to them. Do not assume they have prior knowledge.

The thing which will dominate your illustrative essay will be your description and your examples. You want to make your writing as lively and as vivid as possible if for no other reason than to capture and hold the attention of your readers. But having got them on side you then need to keep them following because of your excellent use of examples.

It's possible to produce a factually correct illustrative essay but one which is dry and possibly even boring. That is the last thing you want to produce. To make sure your illustrative essay is a winner, have plenty of factual information, explain that factual information in an interesting way and don't be afraid to throw in several examples. As always with your choice of essay topic finding something which really appeals to you is the ideal situation. If you love the topic or know quite a bit about the topic you are in a much better position to write a cracking illustrative essay.

Finding them online is not difficult. Talking to your teacher or professor and fellow students about possible illustrative essay topics is also a good resource. But by using your search engine it's possible to track down many websites which offer illustrative essay topics some of which may really appeal to you. Here are some possibilities.

  • Explain how a coach prepares to coach a team on match day.
  • Explain how to perfect a particular swimming stroke.
  • Explain how to bake and decorate a cake.
  • Explain how to create an application letter to college.
  • Explain how to train a puppy.
  • Explain how to master a card game.
  • Explain the steps needed to learn knitting.

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