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Composing A Strong Five-Paragraph Essay On World War 2

World War 2 was a global conflict that lasted for six years and it involved most of the worlds great nations at the time. The circumstances resulting in this incident started some years before, with the opposing forces eventually forming alliances comprising of the Allies, now known as the United Nations, and the axis, comprised mainly of Japanese, German and Italian forces. Writing a five paragraph essay on this topic can follow many lines, all of equal significance. In the following points, I will attempt to present an outline that can be used to create a strong five paragraph essay on World War 2:

  1. What started the conflict
  2. Many factors can be attributed to this conflict and it can be hard to determine exactly what started the dispute. This conflict involved many great nations at the time so some investigation into the why and how the issue was created could prove quite enlightening to your readers.

  3. What event marked the official start of the World War 2
  4. Many situations existed before the battle was officially underway, a country does not simply wake up one day and decide to attack another. However, there is a particular battle that is credited with being the official start of the war.

  5. What was the intention of the Axis forces
  6. Motives play a large part in our decision making process so finding the reasons why each side did what they did during this conflict can help one better understand what was at stake.

  7. The extreme casualties of this conflict
  8. Nothing is more telling of a military battle than the lives lost during the event. This particular conflict is said to have been the bloodiest one our planet has ever seen, resulting in the death of millions. The death toll is sure to be of interest to anyone investigating this matter so be sure to present this information in your paper.

  9. How was this conflict resolved
  10. All things must end and a conflict of this magnitude does not terminate easily. Explore the decisions that lead to the eventual cease fire and treaty at the end of this war and which side you would consider to be the winner, if any.

  11. The features today that exists as a result the global conflict
  12. The scar left on humanity by every war can be obvious if you know where and how to look. Expose some features of our present day society that exists only because of battles fought long ago.

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