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How to Write a Strong Academic Essay: Ten Quick Tips

No matter your major or line of work, you will need to write papers at some point or another. Learning how to write them properly, early on, will give you a leg up on others in your class. Each type of writing is slightly different and may require unique specifics, but there are some basic tips that you can follow for nearly any paper.

Remember that when you start, you need to start early. Do not waste time. You will also want to ensure you have outlines and go through multiple drafts. No writer is perfect and no writer will avoid going through multiple drafts. Form a thesis, and then writer all of the parts of your paper. After that, it is time to edit. When you are editing your paper, you should check that the structure is effective and if it is not, revise it. Ask yourself:

  • Did you answer all of your prompt or follow all of the instructions?
  • Did you clearly explain each point and make connection between them?
  • Did you overlook any important points or omit key factors without explaining why? Sometimes there is a key element to the argument that you are not covering because of page limits, or geographical confinements, etc… That is perfectly fine, but you have to make a note of that to the reader.
  • Does your essay have a logical train of thought throughout?
  • Does the introduction give the reader a map of what they will come across in the essay?
  • Does your conclusion sum up what you presented in the body without just rephrasing the introduction?
  • Is your evidence references accurately?

Once that is done, it is time to proofread for finer details in your paper. Consider looking for:

  • Good sentence structure. Read each line out loud to find errors in the sentences
  • Repetition or wordiness. If you find it, get rid of it
  • Punctuation or spelling errors. If they are there, fix them.

If you gave a copy of your paper to someone else and asked them to look it over, reflect on any feedback they gave you and review the paper in that new light. The same can be done when your teacher returns your final paper. You can always review their notes, and make a list of the things that were effective or ineffective for the next time you write.

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