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Effective Tips On Creating A High School Essay About Military Leadership

The concept of military leadership is very interesting to study and write about. It involves the process whereby you influence other people in order to accomplish a mission. You do this by providing direction, purpose and motivation. There are many different angles you can take in your essay. If your specific topic has been chosen for you, then you can still add your own unique slant to it.

Tips to writing an effective high school essay

  1. Plan your essay. This may sound simple enough but if you do a thorough job of planning, it will help you put your paper together quickly and efficiently. This step includes choosing your topic. It should be something you know well and also feel comfortable writing about.

  2. Creating your thesis. This statement is a reflection of the purpose of your paper. It is a summary in one sentence about the content you will be presenting. If you are finding it difficult to write your thesis statement, here is a good rule of thumb. It should be topic + opinion + 3 discussion points. For example, Military service fosters cooperation, self-discipline and leadership.

  3. Start brainstorming for ideas that support your thesis statement. There needs to be enough evidence to support your topic as well. Do some reading and free writing. See what you come up with. Gather all these ideas together and look at them and see what you’ve got and how you can organize it.

  4. Identify the main ideas to use for each of your paragraphs. If you have a 5 paragraph paper to write for example, you will need 3 main ideas. The first paragraph is the introduction and the last paragraph is the conclusion, so the middle 3 paragraphs comprise the body and each one of those 3 paragraphs needs to have its own main idea.

  5. Make an outline for your paper. To do this you will need to take your 3 main ideas and sketch in some supporting ideas for each one. These can include examples, evidence and supporting themes. The main ideas should appear as the strongest first, the weakest last. Follow the same protocol for each paragraph. The supporting evidence should appear in the order from strongest to weakest. Never leave your strongest example until last.

Following a guideline such as the one above will help you get your paper planned and written without any hassles in a quick and efficient manner.

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