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How To Hone Discursive Essay Writing Skills: A Guide For Students

You have many strong ideas and principles, and you want to be sure that the entire world knows them. A good way to express your beliefs is to write a discursive essay; this can be very interesting for you and your colleagues at the same time. Of course, it is not simple to write such a composition without some practice. It will take some time until you are perfect but until then, improve your skills every single day. Here is a short guide that you can follow:

  • Learn how to write a powerful introduction. The first lines of a composition can be very boring if you don’t know how to emphasize some important points. Of course, you have to give some information about the topic, but don’t write more than one or two lines. What is more important is the energy that you transmit to the ones that are listening to you. Will they be interested to read the rest of your text or no?

  • Choose your battles wisely. It is pointless to write a discursive essay about a mediocre topic that no one is interested in. To make others listen to you, you must discuss about something controversial that will affect everyone’s lives in a way or another. Topics related to your community or school are always a good idea, as long as you are really passionate about them.

  • Write about a new idea in every paragraph. Many students are so passionate about one single idea, that they keep writing about it and they don’t think about anything else. This can make any reader feel bored, and it will not bring you any benefits. To keep others interested you have to be able to switch from one idea to another in a very fast way, but without losing the primary meaning of your composition. Discuss about statistics, studies, ideas and quote famous people.

  • What will happen in the future? As I said, people will be interested in something only if it will affect their lives. Use this when you write your composition; discuss about what will happen in a few years. If all people apply a certain principle (like recycling) what will happen after a few years? But what if we all neglect this and we don’t protect the environment? Be realistic and bring evidence when you write if you want to make a difference with your text.

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