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Crafting An Expository Essay: Guidelines For Middle School

Most students begin to receive expository essay writing assignments in middle school English Composition courses. The assignment is an excellent way for students to develop their abilities to explain or describe something in detail applying logic and organization so that their audience can achieve a well-rounded understanding of the subject. Though the expository essay provides a great foundation for other types of writing assignments, most middle schoolers struggle to craft great papers on their first couple of attempts. If you find yourself on that boat and need some assistance putting together a great piece of writing, use the following guidelines:

  1. Determine your subject and topic
  2. The first step in writing a great expository essay is simply determining your subject and topic. It’s easiest to write on something you are already comfortably familiar with so you don’t spend more time on finding resources than you normally would with something entirely new.

  3. Create an outline for organization
  4. Before you start writing your piece you should create an outline to use as a sort of guide to keep your ideas organized and prevent you from getting too far off topic when you are composing your first draft. You may want to download a template or get a sample outline from your professor to get an idea of how to craft a great one.

  5. Develop a draft thesis statement
  6. A good thesis statement is usually a single sentence that clearly and effectively explains what the main argument of your paper is. You may have to revise this a couple of times as you write each draft, so it’s okay to simply get your idea down to provide you with some guidance.

  7. Write the first draft of your paper
  8. Many professional writers insist the best way to write a first draft is to do so quickly and efficiently. Refer to your draft and try to get all of your ideas down in a single sitting. Don’t stop to make corrections to your writing. You will have time to do so at a later writing stage.

  9. Revise the content of your work
  10. At this point in school most students don’t know what it means to revise. This activity requires you to look at your work as a whole and find ways in which you can improve upon it by removing content, rearranging content, and adding content. It’s best to approach this after setting your work aside for a few hours.

  11. Edit and proofread your writing
  12. You should never submit a piece of writing that hasn’t been thoroughly edited and proofread. Any mistakes in word choice, spelling, grammar or punctuation could be distracting to your readers and can lower your letter grade. Spend ample time on this last step to improve your chances of writing success.

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