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What Are Some Good Expository Essay Topics: 15 Great Questions To Look Into

Sometimes, the best way to get inspired to do an essay is to see a title that you really like and think has a lot of scope and then write on that topic. But where do you find these essay titles? Below is a list of 15 great suggestions that will give you plenty of inspiration.

  1. Explain why you admire your hero.
  2. Who is your hero? What about them is admirable?

  3. Why do teachers have to be strict?
  4. Do they have to be strict? Is it better to have a lenient teacher?

  5. What is your favourite animal and why?
  6. What does your choice of favourite animal say about you, if anything?

  7. Explain why voting is/is not important.
  8. Will you vote when you can? Why is it important for you to vote? Why isn’t it important to vote?

  9. Explain why some people take drugs.
  10. Look carefully at this one and do some research. Is it because drugs are addictive, or is there some deeper reason?

  11. What will happen if you skip classes?
  12. What are the consequences of skipping school? Are they worth it?

  13. What will happen if teenagers become sexually active?
  14. Is this as big a deal as schools, teachers and parents make out? What do teenagers need to bear in mind when being sexually active?

  15. Why is education important?
  16. What are the likely consequences of not having a good education?

  17. Should we abolish capital punishment?
  18. What are the likely consequences of getting rid of capital punishment? Would it actually be a bad thing, or is it actually a good idea?

  19. Why do some teenagers get jobs?
  20. What are the motivations for getting a job? Why do some teenagers feel the pressure to start working early?

  21. Explain why divorce can be difficult for children.
  22. Divorce is tough for everyone, but why is it tough for children?

  23. What sort of things make you happy and why?
  24. Identify what makes you happy and explain why you think that is.

  25. Why are you interested in becoming X?
  26. Where X is your chosen career. What is attractive about this career? What are the drawbacks?

  27. What are the consequences of adoption?
  28. What will happen if you choose to adopt, perhaps instead of having your own children? Will you love that child any less?

  29. How does music impact society?
  30. How is music important? Does it affect society in a bit way at all?

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