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Where Can I Find Free Essay Writing Help: Useful Advice

For many, essay writing can be a very frustrating activity. Some people have trouble getting started. Others have trouble keeping their thoughts in order. Some make grammar or spelling mistakes, while others can’t seem to understand the functions of different punctuation marks. Writing is a craft that comes naturally to some but takes years of devoted practice from others. It’s not uncommon to need a little (or a lot of) writing help from time to time. Here is some useful advice for finding free essay writing help:

Online Writing Checkers

There are several online tools that can help improve the quality of an essay by checking for things like grammar, punctuation and spelling. One simply needs to paste text into a box and watch as the free software checks for common errors and makes suggestions and corrections. These online writing checkers allow students to grasp the kinds of mistakes they often make, preventing them from making the same mistakes over and over again.

Interactive Writing Tutorials

Interactive tutorials are several short lessons on all things related to writing. You can learn the differences between adjectives and adverbs, proper placement of certain words for effect, and much more. The lessons are easy to follow and often use concise examples that can be recalled at a moment’s notice, even when college-level writing demands the use of more complicated sentence structures.

Online Essay Writing Tutors

For a more direct approach you may want to look towards one of the several essay writing tutor sites available. These free sites have live tutors answering questions via chat. For a more in-depth approach some sites even offer to review essays and offer feedback. Just don’t rely on these sites too much. Sometimes there is a queue that prevents you from getting the assistance you need without waiting.

Personal Writing Tutors

For students who need the most direct approach to essay writing assistance, nothing beats having a personal tutor. Most people think that hiring a tutor comes at a cost, but the reality is that many campus programs have found alternate ways to pay tutors and have handed the savings over to the students seeking help. Sign up to have a regular session with a tutor early because their availability is scarce.

Writing Center Educators

If none of these approaches suit you then you should at least pay a visit to your local writing center to pick up some writing resources, as well as get some one on one time with the volunteer educators that run the program. Becoming a regular, even when you don’t need the writing help, is a great idea because it allows for the volunteers to keep track of your progress and offer you better resources to improve.

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