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How To Come Up With Good Narrative Essay Topics For Grade 8

When you are in the 8th grade you start to think more and more about your future career and what college you want to go to. This is also the moment when you pay more attention to your assignments, because you finally understand how important they are. It’s the first time when you have to write a narrative essay and you are not sure how to handle it. It seems impossible to find a topic that is easy for you, good for your professor and interesting for your classmates. Well, here are some ideas that you can use for your narrative essay:

  • When did you decide what career you want to follow? It can be very interesting for your colleagues to know when did you take this decision. Make sure that you are completely honest; this will allow them to know you better.
  • Your first day of school. You were very young and very excited to start school. For any student this is a special memory, so why not share it with your classmates? After you finish reading your essay in front of everyone, they can share their story too.
  • How did your parents meet? Everyone loves a good romantic story, and it will give you the chance to find out more about your parents. Ask them how did they meet, how did they fall in love and share this in your narrative essay. Believe me, everyone will be curious to listen to this story.
  • Your first vacation outside the country. If you love travelling, you passed through many interesting adventures in your journey. To make your composition more appealing, give them some fascinating details. For example, you can tell them everything about that exotic dish that you tried.
  • The first time you fell in love. You have to be open with others if you want them to listen to you. We all have a romantic story to tell, and what better moment than this one?
  • A funny day of your life. Do you remember that day when everything seemed to go wrong? You missed the bus and you had to walk to school in pouring rain; it was not fun in that time, but now you laugh when you remember. Describe exactly what you felt, and what would you do different.

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