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A List Of Powerful Business Essay Topics To Consider

There are many topics in the business world, which can make for great essay topics. It is important to study some of these topics because what happens in the business can influence society overall. You could cover business topics that have both domestic, and international influence. A few things to consider when researching your topic:

  • Keep things current
  • How does one business policy influence the law
  • How does one policy co-exist with regulation
  • What are some policies that could benefit all
  • What are some policies that are harmful

Keep things current

If you want to have an essay, which will make it a pleasure to read, and easy to research; choose a topic that is current. It can be much more interesting, and you can explain how it is relevant today. Some topics would be:

  • How do you approach doing an assessment of online recruitment in companies based in China, and India, and base your assessment on a holistic approach
  • Discuss the relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development; domestically, and internationally.

How does one business policy influence the law?

In International business, there can be laws that need to be respected in certain parts of the world. These laws can be the case when it comes to the environment, and labor. Two examples would be:

  • How do the tensions between economic growth and environmental protection differ in different parts of the world? And how are they resolved.
  • How are Unions in Europe different from those in the United States? Are Unions more business friendly in Europe, or the United States?

How does one policy co-exist with regulation?

The policy can be in regards to the law, or economics. Each country has their own set up when it comes workers’ rights, and taxes. A good essay topic would be:

  • How are tax policies in Europe different form those in the United States? Is higher taxes really a burden to a business, or can they compel a business to invest, which could improve the economy.

What are some policies that could benefit all?

This is very open, and could be argued from different angles. Some topics could be:

  • Are higher taxes overall beneficial to the economy, and to business?
  • What are fair taxes

What are some policies that are harmful?

Topics such as these are also debated from many angles, but these can focus on issues such as free trade, and the environment.

  • Is Free Trade overall helped the economy, and the citizens?
  • Has Environmental regulation improved, or worsen during the past twenty years

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