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10 Most Popular Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

Freedom in choosing your school essay topic may sometimes be challenging. You can feel yourself lost in the amount of the ideas and interests. However, knowledge of some simple basic hints will help you to get started and save you plenty of time.

By researching through the academic, nonfiction literature, such as handbooks and encyclopedias, you can find the necessary description of the subject area you are interested in. It can also provide you with essential background data. Special dictionaries can help you to find needed key terms, which can be included in the searching the databases process.

So, frankly speaking, your first step is to visit your close by library and finding every useful handbook, vocabularies, and science journals etc. You can highlight every beneficial phrase or key word. It is not forbidden to search for information in the Internet. If you have discussed an interesting subject related to your essay work in the class, you can ask your academic advisor for help. Find out about the ideas of your classmates, maybe they will support you the idea. Look through your class books for some Table of Contents.

Possible topics can be also found in the various online or paper daily news sources, for example local newspaper, TV shows or Wikipedia. Don’t be very ambitious. If your theme is too general it will be difficult to concentrate and address it in an interesting manner. On the other hand, if the topic is too specific, you can soon run of data to write about, and shorten the amount of searching resources. And finally, decide about the purpose of you work. If you are writing an argumentative essay the topic should be that you can really sink your teeth into. You’ll also have to think of a claim (whichever side you choose). Don’t forget to find enough evidence to support your choice.

If there are some difficulties with choosing the perfect topic, read the following list of most popular argumentative themes for your essay:

  1. Can tortures be acceptable
  2. Are cell phones dangerous?
  3. Does racism still exist in USA?
  4. Are colleges nowadays too expensive?
  5. Fashion victims – who are they?
  6. Is fashion that important?
  7. Does religion cause war?
  8. Is it normal for gay people to marry?
  9. Are actors paid too much?
  10. Internet addiction.

Although, all those topics are very interesting to write about, be careful not to be too controversial.

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