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How To Compose A Strong Reflective Essay Introduction: Great Advice

A reflective essay is the type of paper where you need to observe and analyze the events from your personal experiences and show it made you a better person in any manner. The point of this type of paper is to write about experiences that had lessons to be learned and which made you realize certain things about life. This type of paper is purely narrative because you are writing about your personal experiences so it is normal to use the first person like “I realized after my mother’s illness that how much she was taking care of and what would it be like without her” . One major thing you should be careful about when writing such papers is to make sure your ideas are objective because you are writing about your personal experiences. The readers will not believe something to be good or bad based on mere opinion. If you want to take a stance, prove something as right or wrong then it must be backed with enough evidence and supporting materials

A reflective essay is one interesting piece of writing because it helps you look back at certain events and helps you realize the lessons you have learned in life. Most of the times, you will attempt such assignments in college admission and scholarship papers. They require you to write about yourself after giving you a prompt to build upon. The subject of such assignments is usually from an academic perspective but if you are free to choose the subject then you can write about anything you like

The introduction is one of the most critical and important sections in your essay. Even though your paper contains the body paragraph for major arguments and the conclusion for summarizing all you have included so far, the introduction acts as a bridge between you and the reader to start feeling your assignment and realize what it will bring to them. An introduction of a reflective essay should be able to do two things clearly

  1. Present the topic to the audience in an engaging manner so that they understand the larger significance of your paper as well as want to read more about your work and experience

  2. Show the overall scope of your paper by including a thesis statement by the end of the paragraph

Make sure that you do not build higher expectations and only give an idea of what your paper is about

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